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FTIR stands for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. An FTIR gas analyzer detects gaseous compounds by their absorbance of infrared radiation. Because each molecular structure has a unique combination of atoms, each produces a unique infrared spectrum. From this, identification (Qualitative analysis) and analysis (Quantitative measurement) of the gaseous compounds is possible. An FTIR analyzer simultaneously measures multiple analytes in a complex gas matrix, detecting virtually all gas-phase species (both organic and inorganic).


FTIR gas analyzer collects a complete infrared spectrum (a measurement of the infrared light absorbed by molecules inside the sample gas cell) 10 times per second. Multiple spectra are co-added together according to selected measurement time (improving signal-to-noise ratio). The actual concentrations of gases are calculated from the resulting sample spectrum using patented modified Classical Least Squares analysis algorithm.

 CET’s FTIR gas analyzers can perform simultaneous measurement of both organic and inorganic compounds, as well as analyze hot, wet and corrosive gas streams. Concentrations of up to 50 different compounds can be measured within seconds. Measurement capabilities range from ppb’s up to percent levels.

CET’S FTIR Gas Analyzer is the most advanced measurement technology available for continuous gas analysis:

Multicomponent measurement capability (up to 50 gases can be measured simultaneously with a single analyzer)

· H2O concentration is always measured – results can be displayed in dry or wet gas

· Possibility to measure water soluble inorganic gases such as HCl, HF, NH3

· Calibration stability – no need for any span calibrations, just zero calibration with N2 or air 

· Cross-interference ("cross-talk") is automatically taken into account in the analysis of results

· Possibility to identify unknown compounds

· Real-time data -  measurements results are available directly onsite

On-Site: Portable FTIR DX-series analyzers can be easily transported to the point of measurement. FTIR Technologies offers analyzers for both ambient air and flue gas measurements. They are typically used in applications such as stack emissions testing and industrial air quality monitoring.

On-Line: FTIR On-Line monitoring systems are designed for automated and unattended continuous emissions, industrial air-quality and process monitoring applications. The On-Line series monitoring systems are designed to operate continuously without interruptions. FTIR On-Line product range features both extractive and in-situ – type systems.